The School Leadership Team (SLT) is a group of parents, teachers, and administrators who gather for regularly appointed meetings to develop policies for their school and to discuss topics that are currently affecting the New Lots School community.  Teachers and parents elected to the team will represent the diverse interest of the teachers and parents at-large in New Lots school community. The SLT creates, develops, and reviews PS 213’s annual Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP). The school principal is a required member of the SLT, but the SLT uses consensus-based decision making to ensure that all voices are heard and all members have an equal opportunity to participate.

Our Mission Statement

We are a collaborative school community that strives to encourage each child to reach his/her maximum potential. We will do so in a nurturing and caring environment, looking at and using data to help shape the delivery of instruction to students. Teachers, students, and parents will become comfortable at accessing various forms of data in order to help best meet the individual needs of all students. We encourage our school community to develop life-long learning skills, express creativity, show respect for self and others and to take responsibility for their actions making P.S 213 “A place where children come first.’

Join the SLT!

The SLT is a place for parents, UFT members, and other school community stakeholders come and have the school community and administration hear their voices. Come to a meeting to learn more! The meetings are open to all.