Our Parents

I am excited to welcome you and your child(ren) to P.S. 213. My role as Parent Coordinator is to keep parents engaged and support our families.  In my part, I will assist with training, schedule meetings, and sharing resources. As a PS 213 family, you have access to all the resources available at my disposal and more.  We are a united and small school community-driven with a passion for providing the best quality of education to every scholar.

Our goal is to maintain good partnerships with families that benefit our scholar’s education, whether in person or via remote learning. We are working diligently to make sure all our scholars have devices and opportunities to do their best. Please take advantage of the many resources designed to empower you and help you during these challenging times. We have social services, counseling services, one-to-one meetings with our teachers and social worker, and support from the school administration when needed.

To stay connected with P.S. 213, please ensure that your contact information is current.  It is also important that you sign up for the New York City School Account (NYCSA), where you can receive all information about your child’s education. We would love to have your participation in our Parent Teachers Association (PTA) and School Leadership Team (SLT).

Thank you for your continued support wishing you and your family safety and good health.


P. Forbes
Parent Coordinator P.S. 213

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a PA/PTA?

Parent Associations (PAs) and Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) are school-based organizations open to all parents of children currently attending a New York City public school. The PA/PTA is a primary vehicle for parents to get involved in their children’s schools.

How do I join my school's PA/PTA?

All parents are automatically members of their school’s PA/PTA. There are no pre-qualifications required to participate in a school’s PA/PTA.  There is no need to join the PA/PTA.  The term parent includes the student’s parent or guardian, or any person in a parental or custodial relationship to the student.

For more specific information on how to get involved, ask your school principal or Parent Coordinator.

What is the role of the PA/PTA?

The PA/PTA helps parents become involved in their children’s education, share ideas, and enrich their school communities. Each PA/PTA develops its own bylaws, elects officers, and holds regular meetings. While the specific roles of PA/PTAs vary, their responsibilities include:

  • Electing parent members to serve on School Leadership Teams and Community Education Councils
  • Conducting outreach to get other parents involved in school life
  • Supporting school activities like Parent-Teacher Conferences, open houses and curriculum nights
  • Holding fundraising activities to benefit the educational, social and cultural programs in the school

PA or PTA?

Parent Association (PA) members may vote to amend the association’s bylaws to extend membership to teachers and other school staff.  PAs that vote to include school staff become Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs).

  • Only parent members may vote to change the association’s structure from a PA to a PTA.
  • The bylaws may be amended to extend membership to categories of staff in
    addition to teachers (e.g., paraprofessionals, school aides, school secretaries, and food service workers).
  • School supervisory staff may not be members of the PA/PTA in the school
    in which they are employed.
  • School employees may not serve as members of the executive board or the
    nominating committee of the school’s PA/PTA.

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